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Hours of Operation: 7:30 am to 6:30 pm M-Th.
Erin snow plows all winter holidays.

Types Of Clients

Residential Property Owners

Win-Sum takes pride in taking care of residential properties in and around Glenwood Springs. From Canyon Creek to Cattle Creek and beyond to Mid-Valley and Carbondale, Erin visits clients in the Roaring Fork Valley and relieves them of all the chores related to having a beautiful property. Stop wondering when you are going to have time to maintain your lawn, garden and driveway and start enjoying life in the best version of your home’s outdoor space.

HOAs (Home Owner's Associations)

Erin has been beautifying green spaces for HOAs in Glenwood for over 7 years. Win-Sum is committed to working with HOAs to ensure their seasonal plans match their budget.

Commercial Property Owners

Win-Sum community involvement: Erin has built and looks forward to continuing to build long-term relationships with his suppliers and equipment specialists and these great Glenwood businesses in turn facilitate his success!

Win-Sum helps businesses have impeccable looking green spaces that welcome customers and make a great impression on clients. Don’t let unattractive outside space detract from your company’s image! In the winter time driving can be dangerous! Make it safe for your clients to come see you!

Property Management Companies

Win-Sum maintains many residences in the Roaring Fork Valley handled by property management companies. Win-Sum can work with your property management company to ensure timely and competitive bids, according to your specifications. We can customize our estimates and invoices to your company’s practices and policies. Win-Sum is committed to great customer service!

Selling your home? Think Win-Sum for cleaning up the green space!

Dreading your driveway in winter? Call Erin to set up a snow- plow plan!

Be ready for traffic in the morning, make your driveway hassle free with a Win-Sum plow and shovel plan.

Stock up for winter by the wood-burning stove, call Erin.

Why Win-Sum?

Earth Conscience

Win-Sum is inspired by Nature! Erin can recommend water-saving landscape plans.  Win-Sum avoids using dangerous chemicals on your lawn. Organic fertilizer upon request. Erin has experience maintaining properties that are part native grasses and part turf.

Price Conscience

Win-Sum strives to exceed your expectations for less. Always competitive pricing, custom estimates, and detailed invoices. You’ll be surprised the extent of services you can get within budget!

Clear Conscience

Win-Sum works with your specific needs and instructions in mind! Feel free to communicate with Erin by phone, text or email anytime.

Call Office Manager Laura Connor at 970-456-2699 for invoicing or scheduling questions.

Email Erin and Laura with any kind of inquiry at

Erin snowplows holidays but he observes Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July

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