• RedstoneDawnWinter
    Erin is making his list and checking it twice! Does your subdivision or HOA or simply long private drive need plowed?  Erin may be able to put you on his route if you live from the County Rd 3 turnoff down to Carbondale or are a commercial account in Carbondale
  • Thank You
  • lawn mower
    Springtime is here! Time to start envisioning your summer evenings! Does your vision include working on your lawn, or enjoying it? Don’t ruin your free time with your family on lawn chores! Be proud when people see your lawn and keep your home value up! Win-Sum offers custom lawn maintenance
  • st patrick's day
    St. Patrick’s Day always reminds Erin and I how lucky we are!!!  We have great parents that launched both of us in different ways into valuing a life of service!  We value our winter clients and our summer clients!  Thanks for choosing Win-Sum for your snowplow and lawn maintenance needs!
  • Car Service Near Me
    Laura Connor, Erin’s office manager saw a need in the Crystal Valley for uber and instacart, but those services don’t work great in this community.  From the lack of cell service, to the insecurity of not knowing your driver, it wasn’t quite right for the Crystal Valley.  However, people need
  • Crystal River
    This is a picture of the Crystal River at first light outside of Ranch Acres.  I took it last year on my ride along with Erin. We had some snow this week but it didn’t accumulate enough to plow. Thanksgiving is coming up.  Snow on the holidays is the best–
  • spring yard maintenance
    Welcome Springtime! Hopefully everyone is safe and healthy! We have been watching the Covid-19 public health crisis closely. Property Maintenance is on the essential list, and our employees will be able to do their jobs at a social distance from clients and one another. We are offering lawn maintenance plans