Areas We Serve


Win-Sum Inc trucks are frequently spotted in Carbondale!  Erin serves numerous commercial properties, residences, and ranches in and around Carbondale.  Win-Sum plans to snow-plow Bonedale this winter! Erin went to school in Carbondale so he knows it very well!

Glenwood Springs

Erin loves plowing west Glenwood.  He makes gas stations safe and clears school parking lots. He makes his way through his commercial accounts on Grand. Then he likes doing vacation rentals—the more spectacular the view for guests, the more treacherous the driveway.  Win-Sum enjoys plowing commercial ranching operations for residents and employees.  You might also peer out your frosty window Mid-Valley and see a Win-Sum truck plowing out the snow. When Erin is not plowing snow in the wintertime you can catch him at Sunlight Mountain with his family.  Win-Sum works anytime it snows 2’’ or more, even Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. These are important days for the snow economy of Glenwood Springs and Win-Sum is here to help you succeed with your winter business if needs holiday plowing!

New Castle

Win-Sum loves New Castle! Erin takes pride in ensuring that all neighborhoods of Castle Valley and beyond look impeccable! Don’t spend your family time on lawn maintenance! Spend it with your family instead and let Win-Sum take care of plowing the driveway, doing the landscape, and maintaining the lawn. If you see Win-Sum trucks in New Castle be sure and say hi!


Win-Sum is aware of Silt’s awesome homes, ranches, and ranchettes and knows they take a lot of work to maintain. Erin has extensive experience with ranches and brush cutting. If you need help on your property, just say so cowboy! Silt looks better every year, and Erin takes pride in being a part of that process. If you are an agent looking to move a property around Silt that needs maintenance, look no further than Win-Sum.


Rifle has a diverse variety of properties Win-Sum can shine! Erin works with homeowners, HOAs and property management companies to help Rifle look like the amazing historical gem of a town it is!  Don’t hesitate to make your corner of Rifle look great. Ask Erin about water saving landscape plans for your Rifle property today!


Do you want an Up-Valley lawn at a down-valley price? Call Win-Sum today for your free estimate on lawn maintenance plan for the 2018 season.  Pre-order cords of wood now.


Does your vacation rental need regular maintenance or seasonal clean-ups? Fall colors in the Crystal River Valley are captivating but after they flutter to the ground they need to be removed so the moisture from snowfall can get to the ground. Next year’s lawn will thank you. Win-Sum can do a Fall Clean for you before the first snow.  Erin grew up going up and down Hwy 133 from Marble to Carbondale so most of his adventures took place around Redstone. He and Laura tied the knot at the Redstone Inn.  If Win-Sum’s not working chances are Erin’s wetting a line in the Crystal.