is specialized diverge tubeless ready?

42mm was the previous max tyre width on the last generation of the bike. Turbo S-Works 2BR. The Pro and Expert models, also featuring Rear Future Shock, come in at 8.9kg and 9.5kg. Major refresh and adoption of Future Shock 2.0 brings the Specialized Diverge bang up to date. For those on a tighter budget, the 2017 Gloss Moto Orange Diverge Elite DSW ($1400) looks like a good contender. But as much as this idea that smoother is faster makes sense to me, I didn't really feel very fast. Roubaix Pro. Nothing too crazy: a mix of mainly loose gravel over a dusty, hardpacked surface, and a nice amount of tarmac to get a feel for the bike out on the road. The posher Specialized Diverge came with their own SCS standard wheels .By buying an A1 Sport I got the ordinary wheel standard,a carbon fork and a threaded bottom bracket (no BB30 yay!) The last three models of the drop bar flavour are built from Specializeds E5 alloy. This becomes even more apparent as the spec gets slightly heavier down the collection line. Specialized Diverge FACT 9r carbon, SWAT Door integration, Future Shock suspension, threaded BB, internal routing, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc . . Even more surprising, its had me pouring over my state Gazateer, planning fast, weekend road tours with new eyes, which in turn has broadened my horizons and knowledge of the area. Dven with Specializeds enormous clout, the Diverge Evo is a weird bike that straddles niches and that could be a hard sell for many shops. Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready. You're right, they are not officially declared as "tubeless ready" by Continental, but I've heard from some riders on a German MTB forum that they're running them . With the suspension absorbing the bumps instead of your body, I found that the bike stayed planted and so did I. 24mm internal width, tubeless ready, 24h: Wheelset - Hubs: Specialized full sealed bearing thru axle hub, centerlock disc: Front tyre: Pathfinder Pro, 2Bliss Ready, transparent sidewall . A note on 2016/2017 model years. Women's Diverge E5 Comp. Specialized is also launching the Diverge Evo a stretched out, even slacker and generally more radical version of the Diverge designed for rowdier riding oh, and it ditches drop bars in favour of flat bars. 24.08.2022. Doing a quick comparison, we notice that Diverge Expert E5 EVO price it's 41.83% higher than the average cost of a Gravel bike. 2017 models will be available shortly, meaning bargains from last year are sure to be found. If youre considering adding a fast road bike to your quill a machine that will be used primarily for long, exploratory day rides and occasional fast bikepacks I cant recommend it highly enough. Wheels: Specialized Axis Elite Disc. The generous clearances also mean the bike is able to run tyres up to 42mm wide with mudguards. The Base Carbon is fitted out with some pretty basic Axis tubeless-ready Elite Disc rims . In which category would you place the bike? New Tubeless Tire conversion, Specialized Chisel, No tape. Specialized Diverge Bikes. Just like the new Roubaix revealed last year, the new Diverge has been treated to the updated Future Shock 2.0. and Specialized tubeless ready tyres,hence the possession of a compressor.I would not contemplate tubes . Its all about pushing where you can go and what you can do with a gravel bike. The S-Works model comes stock with 38-millimeter Specialized Trigger tubeless-ready tires that look plump on the Roval CLX 32 Disc carbon rims (21.7mm internal width). Its a rare treat to see a modern carbon drop-bar bike with mudguard eyelets, so hats off to Specialized here its an addition that broadens the Diverges versatility even further. Sticking with comfort, the Future Shock 2.0 really is ideally suited to gravel. Thats clearly something that the market will dictate, but it certainly looks like something else you can already buy from a different category . Jack has been writing about and testing bikes for more than five years now, has a background working in bike shops for years before that, and is regularly found riding a mix of weird and wonderful machines. When pressed on what category the Diverge Evo lives in, Specialized a brand that, by its own admission, likes to name everything insisted it still very much sits within the still evolving spectrum of gravel. this will all be familiar stuff (with the exception of the higher bottom bracket). Travis | Specialized USA Rider Care" I interpret that as if the stock tape has their 2bliss branding it should be ready to go, but if it doesn't, the rims are compatible but need to be retaped with tubeless tape. Uphill the lightweight build came into its own. Longer and slacker it may be, but Specialized has balanced that with a long 55 mm fork offset across all frame sizes, meaning the rather quick trail figure (61 mm for a 54 cm) is much the same as before. This means, as always, youll likely be able to squeeze in something a touch chunkier if youre feeling bold. Compared to the vanilla Diverge, the bike features a lower stack, a longer reach (roughly 30mm longer), a lower bottom bracket and a 70-degree head angle across all sizes. The dual Future Shocks do a good job absorbing the vibrations, and turning a jarring ride into a comfortable cruise. He is also particularly fond of tan-wall tyres, dynamo lights, cup and cone bearings, and skids. But while this will certainly boost the Diverges climbing credentials, it will likely see you spinning out on fast day rides. 24h, Tubeless ready: Front Hub: DT for Roval 350 hub, Centerlock disc: Rear Hub: NEW DT 370 Star Ratchet hub, 24h, DT Swiss Comp Race spokes: Spokes: DT Swiss Competition Race spokes . Again wheels are from Roval: this time the Roval Terra CL in 32 mm wrapped in Specializeds 38 mm Pathfinder Pro in a very fetching transparent/tan sidewall. An air shock dampener in the top tube is attached to the frame post by a sturdy aluminum piece called the tendon. The fact that it has mounting eyelets, and can be used for racing and bikepacking alike is a big plus in book as well. Jack Luke is the deputy editor at BikeRadar and has been fettling with bikes for his whole life. The Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon could be the perfect do-it-all bike for those seeking on road fun and off road thrills. I see the new Diverge as a bike perfectly aimed at those who want a bike that can do it all without thinking about the route too much. Specialized claims the new Diverge takes inspiration from the Epic cross-country mountain bike range. First ride review: new Specialized Diverge STR S-Works 2023 with Rear Future Shock. What they all share is a DNA designed for all road riding, be it the smoothest of highways, frontage roads, broken roads, desert roads or anything in between. The Diverge Evo a new category is born (maybe?). On the second day, though, just like with the gearing, the bars came into their own and that extra width was appreciated. With the dropper installed on the first day, the rear end felt almost harsh, or at least not as smooth as Id expected. All 2021 versions of Diverge are tubeless compatible. Otherwise, the replacement 2017 Diverge Comp now features a carbon frame and fork and a double crankset too. It's quite simply the fastest most capable - and just maybe the most fun - bike we've ever made delivering a ride that's quick and lively under power but stable and confidence inspiring when the . Are specialized tires tubeless ready? I've seen a Diverge set up with 38700 Specialized Trigger Pros. North American Editor Anne-Marije Rook test riding the all-new Specialized Diverge STR. Id consider the Diverge to be considerably more fun to ride on pavement in part thanks to its lighter weight but to be comprehensively trumped by the Sequoia in abilities when conditions take a turn for the worse. Making adjustments to the dampener is even easier. It's not recommended that you mess with the rebound speed too much, but it can be adjusted with a hex key through a hole in the base of the top tube. Specialized; Diverge STR Pro Specialized Diverge STR Pro $9,500.00. The entry point for the full suspension riding experience will set you back $7,500 USD (9,500 / 7500) while the top-end S-Works version retails at a head-turning $14,000 (15,000 / 13,000). Across the six sizes available, its now a universal 425 mm, an increase of 4 to 6 mm depending on size. Indeed, out in the real world and unless youre a racing snake I have little doubt youll be bowled over by its eagerness to be ridden hard and fast, especially if youre coming from a mountain bike. Already have an account with us? Visit our corporate site. This changed on the second day with wider tyres. Many Specialized bikes are equipped with Roval tubeless . Because I thoroughly enjoyed the bike. And without being bounced around so much, you're able to maintain sustained efforts, or simply pedal, for longer. Rear Wheel - DT Swiss G540 rim, 24mm internal width, tubeless ready, 24h, Specialized full sealed bearing thru axle hub, centerlock disc, DT Swiss Champion 14G stainless steel spokes, DT Swiss brass nipples; Front Tyre - Pathfinder Pro 2BR, Tan sidewall, 700x42; Rear Tyre - Pathfinder Pro 2BR, Tan sidewall, 700x42 Save 30% + G-Form Pro X3 Knee Pads when you subscribe to MBUK magazine. Starting with its road capabilities, the bike felt as road-orientated as a gravel bike can with 38 mm tyres. 2023 Specialized Diverge STR review: Absurdly comfy, but also heavy and pricey, Cairn Cycles Announces New Limited Rambler Edition E-Adventure, YT Szepter first-ride review: a gravity MTB brand goes gravel. To take the wheel off, you'll be faced with either a quick-release (QR) skewer or thru-axle. The Diverge has done exactly that. Officially, the frame has clearance for 35mm tires with room to spare. Fit fussing aside, the bike's first impression was one of smoothness. Ritchey. I rode the top-end S-Works and the beautiful "Satin Blaze" Pro model in September on some rather wet rides through Germany's Black Forest. At the same time, the head angle is also a little slacker, with more fork offset, which actually serves to conjure up a similar trail figure to the Tarmac 64mm to 53mm, depending on the frame size suggesting the bike will steer more like a road bike than a touring bike. Notably, the new Diverge is also the first non-electric bike from Specialized to ship with Shimanos gravel-specific GRX groupset. Cycling Weekly is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Its not as nippy as a Roubaix, but I could see people putting some light wheels and 30/32 mm road tyres on and being perfectly happy doing big road rides with it. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. There's a small lever on the top tube that provides three levels of compression damping that you can toggle between while riding. But we liked the positives of it, Specialized engineer Chris D'Aluisio said. Even the entry-point of $7,000 is pretty preventative, and many will have to wait for the technology to trickle down a bit further before being able to experience the dual Future Shock. Specialized Diverge FACT 9r carbon, SWAT Door integration, Future Shock suspension, threaded BB, internal routing, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc . Were personally going for aggressive performance. Specialized's Diverge Pro Carbon is an adventure-ready bike, hungry for road, gravel, single track, and more. Despite the new wider downtube it remains faster than the previous Diverge, but its certainly not an aero bike, either. The dampener controls the movement of the frame post backwards and forwards, giving the rider a smooth ride in the saddle while maintaining the same saddle height and position in space. And more impressively, the same tyre clearance is provided with the more affordable alloy frames, too. Published 2 March 23. Its priced at $3300. But their added potency, modulation make them feel indispensable within the first few miles of riding. The Diverge Evo is a rowdier version of the new bike designed for more aggressive riding, with a longer and lower geometry, and flat bars rather than drops. Specialized is just marketing old ideas! To a certain extend, suspension removes that need or at the least, it allows you to stay seated more often and over more terrain, which in turn means you get more traction. That's because it's fast like any competitive road tire, only it features a unique Endurant casing with bead-to-bead puncture . The latest Diverge, a purpose-designed gravel bike that also looks to be a solid super commuter. The first day we took on a pretty sedate 75 km-ish gravel ride. Brand: Specialized, Product: Diverge Pro Carbon Whether your goal is to escape on gravel back roads, far from cars and crowds, or drop the hammer at the front of your favorite gravel race, no bike does it better than the new Diverge. Notably, the new Diverge is also the first non-electric bike from Specialized to ship with Shimanos gravel-specific, Shock suspension, threaded BB, internal routing, 12x142mm, Specialized full sealed bearing thru-axle hub, centrelock disc, DT Swiss Champion 14G stainless steel spokes, DT Swiss brass nipples, Specialized sealed bearing thru-axle hubs, six-bolt disc, J-bend 14G stainless steel spokes, brass nipples, 2021 Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon review, Specialized Roubaix Expert long-term review, Future Shock 2.0 introduced on select models, Revised geometry for improved off-road performance, Tyre clearance increased to 47mm (700c) / 2.1in (650b). . Size: Color: Satin Blaze/Violet Ghost Pearl Fade . The bottom bracket drop has been raised by 5 mm, going from an arguably-too-low 85 mm to a still-lower-than-most 80 mm. A frame-only buying option is available for U.S. customers only, which comes woth a price tag of $6,000 for the FACT 11r carbon frameset with front and rear Future Shocks, a seat post, seat collar and the SWAT system. Please keep the conversation civil, constructive, and inclusive, or your comment will be removed. Racing down one of the longer descents in the area, it was immediately noticeable how much confidence they imbued in my riding, especially carving hard into corners. The EVO models also come with a different tyre: the new Specialized Rhombus, in a 700 x 42. Find out more about how we test. To find a solution, the engineering team initially turned to the company's rich history in mountain biking, but suspension technology derived from the off-road disciplines didn't quite fit the bill. The new Diverge gains the SWAT down tube storage spot. All builds come with a 1x SRAM drivetrain with a 10-50 cassette, 42mm tubeless Tracer Pro tires, eyelets for mounting gear and the internal SWAT compartment weve come to appreciate about the current Diverge. As for protecting both your friends and your clothes from the elements, Specializeds Plug and Play Fenders are designed to work. Good carbon frame . Weight: 165 lbs I ran this wheelset tubeless with Trigger Pro 38 tires before changing to a different setup. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Die hard roadies will no doubt quibble over its weight, compared to a dedicated asphalt machine. And here I thought gravel riding would allow me to downsize my quiver! But it turned out to be the X-Fusion Manic dropper post that really swayed my opinion of the bike. Here in New Mexico, its introduced me to the potential of connecting quiet desert roads with the dirt and gravel tracks that meander between them. No adhesion of any kind is being used. While the bike sizing remains consistent among the Diverge line, there are a few minor differences that separate the STR models from others: the BB Drop is slightly higher, the chainstays are minimally longer and the seat tube angle is ~0.5 degrees steeper to compensate for sag in the STR system. FRONT WHEEL DT Swiss G540 rim, 24mm internal width, tubeless ready, 24h, Specialized full sealed bearing thru axle hub, centerlock disc, DT Swiss Champion 14G stainless steel spokes . 20.10.2022. Ive seen a Diverge set up with 38700 Specialized Trigger Pros. If I had to suggest the paved/dirt ratio that suits it best, it would be an 80/20 balance in favour of the former. Tubeless tires contain a sealant to protect against small punctures and also allow riders to use lower inflation pressure without the risk of damaging a tube from impacts. Price: US$10,000 / AU$16,000 / 8,899. This Diverge STR is still rigid climbing hills without any pumping effect of either the front or rear suspension. Ensure that both the rims and tires are tubeless compatible before proceeding. Firstly the blindingly obvious: it comes with flat bars. The new Diverge range is extensive. It's a subconscious reaction. Nieuwe Specialized Comp Carbon in de kleur Satin Gun Metal in maat 58.Verwacht in week 11:Diverge Comp Carbon Satin Olive in maat 54 & 56.Diverge Expert Gloss Arctic Blue in maat 58.Diverge Spor. It will oftentimes say 2bliss ready on the rim tape. It allows you to hit things faster than you think you actually can. But the extra bells and whistles may not be everyone's cup of tea and the $7,000 to $14,000 buy-in price is preventative for most. Indeed Specialized hardly touched upon it in the launch event presentation. Specialized has overhauled the Diverge for 2021. Save 30% + G-Form Pro X3 Knee Pads when you subscribe to MBUK magazine. FRAME Specialized Diverge FACT 9r carbon, SWAT Door integration, Future Shock suspension, threaded BB, internal routing, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc . - Nope. The EVOs also been designed to be 1x specific, where the rest of the range can be chopped-and-changed depending on your preference. ), and overnight bikepacks linking old highways, forest roads and empty miles of desert dirt. Previous post. Since then I've worked my way through a Specialized Trigger Pro 33c tyre on the rear wheel and bought a set of 38c Trigger tyres. The driveside chainstay also features an in-built rubber protector to stave off chain slap. Its definitely got a race-orientated edge to it, and keeps you on your toes in trickier sections. And so the wheels in DAluisios head started turning, creating some rather wild looking prototypes. Groupe Sram Apex 1x11 Hydraulique. Ive slowly come to realise though that a lot of that is down to where I live and the riding on offer. Most models come fitted with Specialized's own 70038 Pathfinder tyres, and the majority of Diverge models are ready to go tubeless too. Front: 762 grams. Unique, hydraulically dampened suspension, Great tire clearance - 700c and 650B compatible, The fit and ride feel takes some time to set up. E-Road Gravel News Review Road . Would you like to receive offers, updates and events from BikeRadar and its publisher Our Media Ltd (an Immediate Group Company)? Its specced with a compact double (a hill-friendly 48/32T) and mechanical disc brakes, which could be upgraded to hydros further down the line. by jtoddgill. insisted it still very much sits within the still evolving spectrum of gravel. The stopping power of SRAMs Rivals is, well, unrivalled. Tubeless tires are the standard for off-road riding, but in . The Diverge X1 has a similar build and price, but comes with a SRAM Apex 1 x 11-speed drivetrain. At the end of the day, its just a damn fun bike to ride. I REALLY want to convert to a tubeless set-up but have gotten mixed reviews online and from my LBS. Using fenders, though, does reduce tyre clearance slightly: to a still-generous 700 x 42 or 650B x 47c. Id also put a lot of this down to the Future Shock 2.0 off-road. Shop the Specialized Diverge Pro Disc Gravel Bike 2023 online at Sigma Sports. Below are . To account for all the frame sizes and a variety of rider weights, Specialized has produced nine different frame posts, each with a different carbon layup for varying stiffness. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The middle-of-the-road Diverge STR Pro retailing at $9,500 USD (9,500 / 9000) is powered by a SRAM Force eTap AXS Eagle groupset, Roval Terra CL wheels, Terra carbon handlebars, an S-Works carbon seatpost and Power Pro saddle. After 10 hours of racing, Boswell proved victorious at the Unbound Gravel 200 aboard his Specialized Diverge. To get that kind of rear tyre clearance, while still being able to take big chainrings and 2x cranksets AND have short chaintsays, Specialized's engineers got creative. It again tidies up the look of the frame and realistically has room for what youd usually stuff in a small saddle bag: a tube, CO2 canister and a small multi-tool. When the dark clouds rolled in and the rain came pummeling down on that initial ride, the bikes responded well to the change in pace as we sped toward cover. This is just an old-school mountain bike! The bike should also appeal to riders looking for something like. So large is the gravel market that Specialized now expects it to be larger than any other category in the very near future. The Expert I rode on my home gravel roads in Oregon. . On day one we used the all-round 50/50 road/gravel rubber of the 38 mm Pathfinder Pro. but, in brief, it is a lighter overall setup that does not significantly affect handling. RapidAir. It ticks plenty of the boxes Im looking for in a well-rounded gravel bike. Whether your goal is to escape on gravel back roads, far from cars and crowds, or drop the hammer at the front of your favorite gravel race, no bike d. The post is available in both a 20 mm offset and zero-degree, and the bike is dropper-post compatible too (such a thing comes standard on the S-Works). Sure the tyres had been swapped out for the fatter Tracers, but the fore and aft of the post was massively noticeable. Prior to the world going into lockdown, Dave Shoddy Everett attended an exclusive launch of the new Diverge to learn what it was all about and how it rides. Specialized serves both ends with the featherweight and rigid Crux originally a pure cyclocross race breed that can now fit a 47mm tire and the capable Diverge. On climbs, this meant less slipping of the tires. The third iteration of Specializeds modern-day gravel bike arrives with a plentiful line-up to prove The Big S continues to be more than all-in on drop-bar bikes designed to go places. Its a similar story for Easton EC70 AX bars. Roval Terra CL, carbon rim with 25mm internal width and 32mm depth, 24h, tubeless-ready, DT for Roval 350 hub, Center Lock disc, DT Swiss Competition Race spokes: Front Tyre: Pathfinder Pro 2BR . I seem to find myself between two frame sizes and spent a lot of time fussing with my position while not the easiest on the front Future Shock system, it was mostly just a matter of swapping stems and removing any spacers.

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