Spring Clean Up

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Win-Sum offers applications of weed and feed and organic fertilizer available by request.

Property Clean-ups

Win-Sum can help you get ready for summertime on your green space.  Great lawns start with great beginnings.  When Spring Fever sets in and you want to get outside, request a spring clean from Win-Sum and get ready to enjoy your lawn all season long.  Erin will work to make your vision of a clean and clear property a reality.


After a spring clean, aeration is the next service your lawn needs in preparation for good grass growth. Erin uses a top of the line aerator to get the job done right.

Sprinkler System Start-Up

Erin will start your sprinkler system in the late spring and troubleshoot it immediately. He will find any heads that have cracked and replace them if needed. He can direct and adjust the sprinklers so the water covers the lawn evenly. He can set your timer program so your lawn receives enough water at the right times of day without wasting water or over saturating. If the sprinkler system start up is not done by an expert you won’t know until part of your lawn dies, and that could take several seasons to return to good growth. Another negative consequence of letting a non-expert start up your sprinklers is an unnecessarily large water bill. Let Erin optimize your sprinkler system before you encounter problems.
Erin knows that every irrigation start up entails a thorough trouble-shooting session. Don’t wait until you have a dry or saturated spot to take action.  Get your sprinklers set correctly at the beginning of the season an you’ll be enjoying your best lawn in no time.