sprinkler repair

Irrigation winterization

When the Indian Summer ends and the leaves change, Win-Sum can blow out your sprinkler system to ensure you won’t experience a burst pipe.  Erin uses a professional grade air compressor and has seen every kind of sprinkler control panel there is.  Put your sprinklers to bed for the winter the right way, with a fully insured, seasoned professional.

Mow and Trim

Let Win-Sum make your property shine with a proper mow and trim! Win-Sum offers weekly mow and trim as the centerpiece of every lawn maintenance plan.  Erin’s top of the line mowers mulch the grass and he always blows the sidewalk neat.  Win-Sum has all varieties of mowers for all types of lawn spaces.  Erin only uses the highest quality trimmers as well.  Win-Sum takes pride in its clients’ satisfaction with a great looking lawn.


Residential Snow Plowing

A snowy private drive is a major morning chore.  Make your commute easier with a monthly snow-plow plan.  If snow accumulates 2″ or more, Erin will plow your driveway and shovel your walk.  If it’s a snowstorm, he does his route twice.


During fall, the leaves grow much slower but the roots underneath the soil continue to grow. This is the reason why fertilization is still desirable as it delivers essential nutrients for the quick growth of the roots. This process also allows them to store the nutrients until spring for a healthy new start.

Fall Cleans

A blanket of snow can be good for your lawn in the springtime, provided fall leaves are not blocking the moisture.  Clean up your leaves and brush before the first snow. Organize your property in preparation for winter. Erin has a dump trailer he uses to haul away the debris.

Irrigation Repair

Your sprinkler system is a major property maintenance investment.  Be sure it is working as it should. Erin has been fixing irrigation breaks and heads for years.  He can diagnose your valves, get replacement parts and install them in no time.  Call Win-Sum to get a fully insured, experienced pro troubleshooting your irrigation for a small hourly charge.

Spring Clean Up

Get your property ready for guests, renters, or yourself!https://win-sum.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=522&action=trash&_wpnonce=936c934853


Commercial Snow Plowing

Do you have a business parking lot that needs to be cleared for customers by the opening of business?  Erin Connor is a fully insured, experienced professional who will be there when you need him.  Don’t let snow and ice deter your customers from visiting you.

Irrigation Companies

Irrigation Maintenance

Erin has been fixing irrigation in Carbondale for quite awhile.  He is familiar with all kinds of irrigation.  He helps homeowners set their timers in the spring, troubleshoot, and program their sprinklers. Then in the fall he does winterizations.  If your sprinklers aren’t performing, you’re wasting water. The great thing about mow and trim clients is that they get their sprinklers check and worked on if needed by a pro, so breaks won’t go unnoticed.

Lawn Maintenance

Fall is an ideal time to do lawn maintenance because you can do basically everything during this season. Our services include aeration, fertilization, and raking out of moss. These methods help your lawn receive more oxygen and water and improve its health.

Weed Control

Treating annual and perennial weeds in the fall can be beneficial to your lawn since weed control during this season can eliminate invaders much more effectively. Dandelions and clovers are just some of the serial destructive weeds that can be killed through weed control during fall. If you control your lawn at this time, you can expect to grow a rich and lovely lawn.


Win-Sum offers applications of weed and feed and organic fertilizer available by request.

Property Clean-ups

Win-Sum can help you get ready for summertime on your green space.  Great lawns start with great beginnings.  When Spring Fever sets in and you want to get outside, request a spring clean from Win-Sum and get ready to enjoy your lawn all season long.  Erin will work to make your vision of a clean and clear property a reality.


Unnecessary weeds are weak and fragile during the summer days so it is the perfect time to keep them under control. There are various weeding methods available but our management practices the best procedure that is most applicable to your plants and yard.

Tree and shrub pruning, garden beds

Erin has experience in pruning and weeding and is happy to help you get your trees, shrubs and garden beds looking great and ready to grow.  He can haul away large limbs or unwanted debris with the dump trailer.  Erin does special gardening projects upon request.  For example, prepare an old wheelbarrow to use as a flower- bed.  He does water features, burm maintenance with wood chips and larger projects as well.


Erin has experience in large rock walls, and water features. If you do not know what to do with a section of your landscaping, ask Erin today how you can make it look great on a budget!


After a spring clean, aeration is the next service your lawn needs in preparation for good grass growth. Erin uses a top of the line aerator to get the job done right.

Sprinkler System Start-Up

Erin will start your sprinkler system in the late spring and troubleshoot it immediately. He will find any heads that have cracked and replace them if needed. He can direct and adjust the sprinklers so the water covers the lawn evenly. He can set your timer program so your lawn receives enough water at the right times of day without wasting water or over saturating. If the sprinkler system start up is not done by an expert you won’t know until part of your lawn dies, and that could take several seasons to return to good growth. Another negative consequence of letting a non-expert start up your sprinklers is an unnecessarily large water bill. Let Erin optimize your sprinkler system before you encounter problems.
Erin knows that every irrigation start up entails a thorough trouble-shooting session. Don’t wait until you have a dry or saturated spot to take action.  Get your sprinklers set correctly at the beginning of the season an you’ll be enjoying your best lawn in no time.